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How to use the course identifier: Course identifiers are serial numbers assigned to each specific course. They usually begin with a “C-” and then have 6 digits following. The first course listed here is C-394229 for example. Using the link to the Heart and Stroke Resuscitation website (at the bottom of this page) will bring you to their main page. On the right hand side of their page you will note a red box, “Find a Course”. Click on this box and it will bring you to a page where you can search for the course using the course identifier.





Megacode offers courses well into September. If there is a date that you had in mind and it is not listed, please feel free to inquire about adding that date.











Questions and Answers

Q. What happens when you register online at the Heart and Stroke website?

A. My cell phone rings and lets me know that a new person has registered to my course. There’s no need to contact Megacode unless you have specific questions beyond the QA here.  Your $50 deposit can be etransfered to:

Q. How do I make Payment?

A. Payment is made the day of the course unless otherwise specified. Payment is made in the form of cash, cheque or etransfer. Due to the high cost to process credit card payment, we have yet to implement that form of payment. It’s about $12/course that we are charged to process one single payment.

Q. What will I get at the end of the course if I am successful?

A. You will receive a notification from Heart and Stroke (HSF) that you have been successful. Once you login at the Heart and Stroke website you will find the certificate available for downloading. HSF no longer routinely mails out cards.

Q. What happens if I am unsuccessful?

A. We perform several evaluations throughout your course and determine from these objective evaluations the level and type of remediation that is required. If you have not studied or prepared, you are less likely to be successful. Your remediation will be scheduled on another day and there may be an additional cost associated with your remediation plan.

Q. How long does the course run?

A. Provider level courses are 13 hours based on the minimum number of students as prescribed by the HSF. Renewal courses: ACLS = 6.5 hours, PALS = 9.5 hours, BCLS=2 hours.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare?

A. Probably the most important question of all. Please do not arrive at any course unprepared. HSF is the portal to the Gilmore company which sells all of the HSF reading material. I urge you to purchase the Provider Manual if you do not have one. Purchasing is step 1…..reading it is step 2! My recommendation is to read the manual cover to cover and review your ECG knowledge.

There are required readings and test that you must complete prior to PALS or ACLS. At the HSF Resuscitation Portal under the tab, Training Resources, hover your curser on this tab to reveal your options. Choose the appropriate student option and complete the online self assessment test. This test is a good aid in showing you where you are weak or strong and helps to guide your studies.

Q. I have a CPR card from St. John Ambulance/Red Cross et al……….is it good for HSF courses?

A. No. Unfortunately the only CPR/BCLS that is accepted by HSF is from the HSF. Please arrange to complete your BCLS course through Heart and Stroke prior to registering for your advanced course.

Q. I’ve had bad experiences before and I’m worried about failing. How hard is this course?

A. At Megacode……we provide a delivery method that works. We don’t buy into the theory of scaring the daylights out of you or brow beating you into submission. We do believe in a very positive and relaxed atmosphere where you are absolutely allowed to make mistakes as they are learning opportunities. At Megacode, we work with the student so that they acquire the skills and knowledge to enable them to work at the highest professional level during a critical moment. Megacode is a 50/50 partner in your education……study, come prepared, and together we will succeed.

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